Mendocino county's Opioid Crisis: 2021 Data

Highest Rate of Fatal Overdoses in the State*
Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths
Overdose Deaths Attributed to Fentanyl
* Based on the age-adjusted rate per 100,000 residents; source.

Preventing Overdose

Naloxone is a safe antidote to reverse an opioid overdose. It neutralizes the opioids, reverses the possible fatal side effects, and helps someone breathe again.

Getting help

There are a range of treatment services countywide, both medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and abstinence-based treatment for all ages.

Medication safety

The rate of fatal prescription opioid overdoses in California has quadrupled since 2018.

Safe Prescribing

Safe Prescriber education addresses the opioid epidemic by training prescribers to respond before opioids are prescribed.

Working together

We invite you to join us in connecting and enhancing resources to prevent and reduce opioid and psychostimulant abuse. Together, we can raise awareness in our community, advance progressive treatment initiatives, and save lives.